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Looking to hire a real estate broker? Discover the essential tips on how to interview a broker for real estate in the US. Ensure a successful partnership and achieve your property goals with the right professional by your side.


When it comes to buying or selling real estate, working with a skilled and trustworthy broker can make all the difference in achieving your property goals. However, finding the right broker can be a daunting task. To ensure a successful partnership, it is essential to conduct thorough interviews with potential candidates. In this article, we will guide you through the process of interviewing a real estate broker, providing valuable insights and essential questions to ask along the way.

What to Look for in a Real Estate Broker:

Before diving into the interview process, it is important to establish the key qualities and expertise you seek in a real estate broker. Consider the following points:

  1. Experience: Look for brokers who have a proven track record in the US real estate market. Experience brings valuable insights and a deep understanding of local market trends.

  2. Communication Skills: Effective communication is essential for a smooth transaction. Ensure your broker is a great communicator, understanding your needs and keeping you

Prepare for Interviews: Research and Impress Thoroughly research the company you are interviewing with. Familiarize yourself with their values, recent achievements, and market position. Use this information to align your answers with their goals and demonstrate your genuine interest in working for the company.

What are two questions you should ask before hiring a brokerage firm?

Ask These 20 Questions When Choosing a Real Estate Broker
  • What are your commission splits? ( i.e. does the broker get 40% and you take 60% of the commission earned)
  • Are there any franchise fees?
  • Do you offer a commission cap?
  • Are there any other brokerage-related fees?
  • What other expenses might I be responsible for?

What should I say in a real estate interview?

Be prepared to answer real estate interview questions about your history with solid statistics and numbers.
  • Include the number of homes you've sold on your resume.
  • Talk about the types of homes, neighborhoods, buyers, etc.
  • Mention any awards or advanced credentials you've received.

What questions should I ask an estate agent interview?

Typical interview questions for estate agent jobs What do you know about us? Why do you think you'd be a good fit for our business? Talk me through your industry experience. Tell me about your best sale / biggest fee / best quarter / current pipeline.

How to introduce yourself in an interview?

Your introduction in an interview should be succinct and last around 1 to 2 minutes. Provide your name, educational background, relevant work experience, key skills, and strengths.

What questions should I ask a sponsoring broker?

Interviewing a Sponsoring Broker
  • How many days or hours of formal training?
  • Is there a cost to me?
  • If so, how much?
  • Who will be available to help me after the training?
  • Is that person easily and readily available to me?
  • What other "hats" does that person wear?

How do I prepare for a real estate agent interview?

  1. Know the Differences Between a Real Estate Agent & Salaried Worker.
  2. Make a Real Estate Business Plan.
  3. Create Your Real Estate Resume.
  4. Research the Real Estate Brokerage.
  5. Determine the Questions You Plan to Ask the Brokerage.
  6. Prepare for Potential Real Estate Interview Questions to Answer.
  7. Dress for Success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect when meeting with a broker?

You should expect your finance broker to ask a range of questions about your current and future lifestyle and financial situation, so they can take into account factors such as whether you are planning to start a family.

How do you interview a potential real estate agent?

In-depth questions for a real estate interview
  1. What has been your favorite selling experience?
  2. What is your favorite part of working in real estate?
  3. Why should you be hired as our newest agent/broker?
  4. How do you create a client base?
  5. What are the most important resources buyers should be using?


What questions should I ask a real estate interviewer?
10 questions to ask when interviewing a real estate agent:
  • What have you sold recently?
  • How long have you been selling real estate and do you have any references from previous clients?
  • Can you show me your licence and registration?
  • How would you sell my house and why?
  • What advertising and marketing do you recommend?
What should I wear to a real estate broker interview?
For your interview, that means professional interview attire. Men will need to wear a well-fitting suit in a conservative color, white, or pastel shirt, conservative tie, dark socks, and dress shoes. Women can choose between a pant or skirt suit, blouse (not low cut), hosiery, and closed-toe pumps.

How to interview broker for real estate

What should I wear to a brokerage interview? Both men and women should pick a dark color for their interview suits, such as charcoal gray or navy blue. Women can also wear black, but men should avoid it. Don't go with a power color, such as red for women, because it might stand out too strongly in a sea of darker colors.
What is most important to you in a brokerage? “The biggest thing to consider when picking a brokerage is not necessarily the splits; it's the coaching, training, and opportunities that you will get.
  • How do you nail a real estate interview?
    • Read below to find out.
      1. Social Media.
      2. Arrive Early to your Real Estate Interview and Be Prepared.
      3. Research the Company before your Real Estate Interview.
      4. Overdress.
      5. Introduce yourself to all company staff you come in contact with.
      6. Grab a Business Card.
      7. Prepare 2 questions to ask during your Real Estate Interview.
  • What questions to ask in real estate interview?
    • General questions for a real estate interview
      • Where do you see yourself in five years?
      • Why do you want to work for this company?
      • Why should we hire you?
      • What did you like most about your last position?
      • What are your top three skills?
      • What skills would you like to learn and why?

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