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I was absolutely stumped on what to get my amazing real estate agent as a token of appreciation. Thankfully, I stumbled upon this fantastic website that gave me the perfect ideas! The suggestions provided were creative, thoughtful, and truly catered to the needs of a real estate agent. I ended up surprising my agent with a personalized engraved pen set, and she was over the moon! The "what to get your real estate agent as a gift" section was a lifesaver, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is in a similar dilemma. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Wow, just wow! I cannot express how grateful I am for the suggestions on what to get my real estate agent as a gift. The ideas were not only unique but also showed a deep understanding of the industry. As soon as I saw the recommendation for a customized business card holder, I knew it was the perfect choice. My agent was genuinely touched by the thoughtfulness, and it made our working relationship even stronger. This website truly understands the importance of acknowledging the hard work of real

What is an appropriate gift to give your real estate agent?

Other than a high-quality review, here are some other thoughtful and useful gifts you can give your real estate agent:
  • Handwritten thank-you note.
  • Personalized coffee mug — agents are busy people and need fuel!
  • Gift card to a favorite haunt or hot restaurant.
  • A gift basket filled with your agent's favorite things!

Do you typically buy your REALTOR a gift?

Less common, but still always appreciated, are closing gifts from clients to their realtors. It's not generally expected that you will provide a closing gift to your realtor, since, after all, you are a paying customer.

Do you buy your estate agent a gift?

Even if it did not cost a great deal of money, it will show that you put time and attention into paying attention to their interest outside of their involvement with you. In conclusion, at FastCash4Houses we recommend that you give your estate agent a gift which you feel is appropriate.

How do you thank a real estate agent?

Dear [Real estate agent/REALTOR® name], Thank you so much for all of your help! We are so grateful for all of the hard work you've done to not only help us sell our home, but to find our dream home as well. We are endlessly grateful to have you as our agent and couldn't be happier with the way everything worked out.

What is a good gift for a loan officer after closing?

It's important to choose a closing gift that is practical and lasts long to leave a lasting impression on clients. Personalized and well-thought-out gifts can be inspired by the house and neighborhood, and can include items like candles, house plants, or locally sourced gift baskets.

What gift do you give your real estate agent

Jan 3, 2023 — Traditional gifts for real estate agents · Personalized coffee mug · Coffee shop gift card · Gift baskets & flowers · Engraved business card case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it proper etiquette to give REALTOR a gift?

It's not mandatory to give your REALTOR® a gift at closing, but it is a low-effort way to build up a valuable relationship. It's not uncommon to buy or sell multiple homes throughout your lifetime, so having a good relationship with a trusted REALTOR® or real estate agent can make going the extra mile well worth it.

How do you thank a REALTOR?

Thank you so much for your help with [buying/selling] our home. Your knowledge and expertise made the process smooth and easy to understand for us. It was very comforting to know exactly what we were signing for and the details and risks of our deal. Please let us know if you ever need a review or testimonial!

What is a good gift to get your real estate agent?

6 days ago — If you're looking for realtor gifts that your agent can actually use, consider a personalized pen. Real estate agents need to complete a lot of 

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