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What is the north carolina statute governing real estate brokers

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In the dynamic world of real estate, it is crucial for both buyers and sellers to have a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework that governs the profession. In North Carolina, the statute governing real estate brokers plays a pivotal role in regulating the industry, ensuring ethical practices, and safeguarding the interests of all parties involved. This informative review delves into the North Carolina statute governing real estate brokers, providing expert insights while maintaining an accessible writing style.

Overview of the North Carolina Statute Governing Real Estate Brokers:

The North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 93A, also known as the "North Carolina Real Estate License Law," serves as the primary governing statute for real estate brokers in the state. This legislation aims to protect the public by establishing minimum standards for real estate transactions, licensing requirements, and ethical conduct.

Licensing Requirements:

To operate as a real estate broker in North Carolina, individuals must comply with specific licensing requirements outlined in the statute. These requirements include completing a pre-licensing course, passing the state licensing examination, and submitting an application to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCREC). The statute also imposes continuing education obligations to ensure brokers stay updated with industry practices and

Meet The Commission
  • Jeffery J. Malarney, Chair. Member 2007-2013 and since 2018. Mr.
  • William P. Aceto. Member since 2023. Mr.
  • Wendell Bullard. Member since 2018. Mr. Bullard is the managing broker of Bullard Properties, LLC, in Durham, N.C.
  • Jocelyn Mitnaul Mallette. Member since 2023. Ms.

What is the job of the NC real estate Commission?

The primary function of the Commission is to license and regulate North Carolina's approximately 100,000-plus real estate brokers and firms.

What authority does the NC real estate Commission have?

NCREC has the authority to take disciplinary action against a licensed broker who is not in compliance with the rules and laws of North Carolina. Licensed brokers are required by the law of agency to put your interests as their client above all others, including the broker's own interests.

Who ultimately determines how much commission that the listing agent will be paid?

The contracts that buyers and sellers have with their agents determine the agents' commissions. The real estate fee is often split evenly between the buyer and seller agents, although a contract could stipulate that one agent receives more of the commission than the other.

How long are terms for North Carolina Real Estate Commission members?

The Commission is comprised of nine members that serve terms of three years. The Governor appoints seven members, and the other two are appointed by the General Assembly after the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate recommend them.

What is the most common complaint filed against realtors?

Breach of duty

One of the most common complaints filed against real estate agents revolves around the concept of breach of duty. In this blog, we'll delve into what breach of duty entails, provide examples of actions that could lead to such breaches, and emphasize the potential legal ramifications agents may face.

Does NC require a real estate attorney?

Is an attorney required for closing in North Carolina? Specifically, in the state of North Carolina, it is mandated by law that the closing process of a real estate transaction is overseen by a licensed North Carolina attorney as it is a practice of law.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ethical violation in real estate?

Real Estate and Ethical Standards

Real estate professionals must abide by ethical standards to avoid discrimination in real estate transactions. For example, a real estate agent that puts the wrong facts on a listing is acting unethically. Intentionally misstating a material fact regarding a property is fraud.

What are the elements of a contract in NC?

1. What are the elements of a contract? In order to have a valid contract in North Carolina, there must be an offer, an acceptance, along with consideration. The parties must also have the capacity to enter into the contract.

What makes a contract legally binding in North Carolina?

The offer and acceptance form the agreement between the parties. The offer must be communicated, it must be complete and the offer must be accepted in its exact terms. Mutuality of agreement is a must. The parties to a contract must agree to the same thing inn the same sense.

Who funds the Arkansas real estate Recovery fund?

When real estate agents (brokers and salespeople alike) first get licensed in Arkansas, they pay a fee of up to $25 to help support the fund. Once they're licensed, they need to renew their licenses yearly, and each time they do, they may have to pay another fee to help support the fund.

What is some of the money for the real estate Recovery fund is obtained from?

The Consumer Recovery Fund is fully funded through a portion of real estate agent licensing fees.

What does the real estate Recovery fund never pay for?

-The Real Estate Recovery Fund only reimburses actual damages, not punitive awards. Treble damages, court costs, attorney's fees, and interest shall not be recovered from the fund.

What is the purpose of the Recovery fund?

Estate Education, Research, and Recovery Fund (the Fund) is to compensate members of the public who have been damaged by a real estate broker's or real estate sales agent's (the Agent) fraud, misrepresentation, or deceit in a real estate transaction, if the Agent can- not pay.


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How are members of the nc real estate commission chosen?

The Commission is comprised of nine members that serve terms of three years. The Governor appoints seven members, and the other two are appointed by the 

How many members sit on the Arkansas Real Estate Commission?

The Real Estate Commission consists of five members appointed by the Governor for three year terms.

What is the north carolina statute governing real estate brokers

What is the ratio of licensed and unlicensed members on the Alabama Real Estate Commission? Eight licensed and one unlicensed. The Alabama Real Estate Commission is a nine-member body composed of eight licensed members and one unlicensed member. The unlicensed member is called the consumer commissioner and is supposed to present a consumer point of view on issues.

How many members of the FREC must be consumer members who have never been real estate brokers or sales associates?

One must be either a Florida real estate broker or sales associate who has held an active license during the two years preceding appointment. Two remaining members are consumer (unlicensed) members who have never been real estate brokers or sales associates.

What is the Arkansas state law portion of the real estate exam?

The Arkansas State Law portion of the exam consists of 30 scored questions and 10 pre-test questions. There is no distinction made between scored questions and pre-test questions on the exam. They are all mixed in together, so it is important that you answer each question carefully.

What is the rule 8.5 fidelity and honest dealing in Arkansas?

8.5 Fidelity and Honest Dealing

This obligation of absolute fidelity to the interest of the client or clients is primary, but does not relieve a licensee from the equally binding obligation of dealing honestly with all parties to the transaction.

What governs real estate brokerage practices in NC? The North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCREC) is responsible for licensing real estate brokers in North Carolina to ensure they are qualified to advise consumers about these transactions.

What is Chapter 93a of the NC General statutes?

From and after July 1, 1957, it shall be unlawful for any person, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, association, or other business entity in this State to act as a real estate broker, or directly or indirectly to engage or assume to engage in the business of real estate broker or to advertise or hold

Can NC real estate brokers work independently?


A “full” broker can engage in brokerage EITHER as an affiliated agent of a real estate brokerage company (firm or sole proprietorship) under a broker-in-charge (BIC) OR independently as a sole proprietor or an entity.

  • Who regulates real estate agents in NC?
    • The North Carolina Real Estate Commission

      The North Carolina Real Estate Commission ("Commission") is an independent state governmental agency. The Commission's primary function is to license and regulate real estate agents (persons and firms who sell, lease, etc. real estate for others).

  • How are brokers regulated?
    • FINRA Regulates Broker-Dealers, Capital Acquisition Brokers, and Funding Portals. A Broker Dealer is in the business of buying or selling securities on behalf of its customers or its own account or both. A Capital Acquisition Broker is a Broker Dealer subject to a narrower rule book.

  • Which of the following is an example of an executory contract with a set end date?
    • An example of an executory contract is an apartment lease. The lessee is expected to continue to pay and the lessor is expected to continue to care for the property until the end date in the contract.

  • Under what type of contract is a seller obligated to sell but the buyer is not obligated to buy?
    • Option contracts.

      An option contract gives one party the right, or option, to either buy or sell something at some time in the future for a specified price. With an option to buy, the potential buyer is not obligated to make the purchase, but the potential seller is obligated to sell: it is the buyer's choice.

  • Which of the following can be drawn up by a real estate licensee in Florida?
    • Real estate licensees can draw up (write from scratch): listing contracts, buyer broker contracts, sale and purchase contracts, lease contracts and option contracts.

  • Which of the following is an essential element of a valid real estate contract?
    • There are four main elements of a valid real estate contract: The party must be the legal age of 18 or older and deemed legally competent. The contract must be legal or hold a legal purpose. A clear and specific consideration must be included in the agreement.

  • What two elements must be present for a contract to be executory?
    • The definition of an executory contract is a written agreement between two or more parties, the terms of which are ongoing and executed over a set period of time. The contract details the responsibilities and expectations for both sides of the agreement and the terms under which the contract is to be fulfilled.

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